Super No. 1
2012 - Crossroads
It's 2012 and this will be the 15th year that I have been covering conventions and shooting cosplay.  It's a remarkably long time
and I've seen many people come and many people go.  I have a lot of mixed feeling about 2011.  I felt that it was year where I
really started to get some things going.  I learned more about lighting and was quite satisfied with a lot of the photos that I took.  
Photos shoots are now a time consuming process, but I found it to be enjoyable and worth the extra effort.  I'm doing a lot more
things on my own and I'm doing them how I want to do them.  That's important.  There were also some things that happened in
2011 that weren't so great and really left a bad taste in my mouth.  I'm really starting to question if I really do enjoy conventions
anymore.  The environment has changed a lot.  Conventions have become a big crowded mess and convention photography
has become a big rat race.  There's a lot about conventions that I really don't want to deal with anymore.  As someone who
does convention press on some occasions, I know I can never truly quit going to conventions, unless I quit my press gig--and
that's not going to happen.  However, I can be more selective about what events I go to when I pay my own way.  There's also
private shoots outside of conventions and I hope to do more of that this year.  Of course, success depends on a lot of things,
most of which aren't up to me.  So in 2012, it's sink or swim.  Whatever happens, that's what was meant to be.
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