Anime Con Carne
October 18  Van Nuys, CA
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This was my first visit to this invitation-only event.  Anime Con Carne is held on the same weekend as the convention
known as The Autumn Dream, formerly Animagic, which is held in Lancaster, CA.  I attended Animagic from 2004-2005.  
I didn't really care for the Lancaster location, so I stopped going.  Since then, it has moved to the Antelope Valley
Fairgrounds.  I have two choices for this weekend.  I can drive two hours and take photos in a fairground exhibit hall, or I
can drive about 30 minutes and take photos in a park.  The choice is easy.  Honestly, everybody at this event has their
own reasons for not making the trip up to Lancaster.  Even if the two events were held on different weekends, we still
wouldn't go to The Autumn Dream.  I'm not a person who usually supports counter-programming.  I want to support
conventions because I think it's good to have a few conventions in the Los Angeles area, but the Lancaster convention
isn't what it used to be.  They're still trying and I wish them good luck.  I'd give them a chance if they didn't pick lousy
locations out in the middle of nowhere.

Nergene Arquelada
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