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Anime Con Carne
October 10  Van Nuys, CA
Anime Con Carne is an invitation-only event.  It's not really a convention, but more like a group of
friends getting together over a weekend.  It seems that everybody knows each other. There aren't very
many degrees of separation among its attendees.  It's actually a 3-day, but most of the guests only show
up for Saturday's picnic and the party at the hotel afterwards.  The location isn't exactly a secret.  You
can simply look through a few of my non-convention photo galleries and figure out where this is.  I've
taken quite a few photos at this park over the years.  The event is somewhat controversial due to it
being an invitation-only event.  However, in its simplest form, it's basically a bunch of friends having a
picnic in the park.  You wouldn't want total strangers crashing your picnic.  Would you?  It's a day when
it's okay to be lazy and eat some barbecue.  The park didn't look its greatest on this day, but still, you try
and take a few photos if you can.  Anime Con Carne is a very relaxed event.  It's nice to have one of
those every now and then.

Nergene Arquelada