Anime Expo 2010
July 1-4  Los Angeles, CA
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This year, I returned to Anime Expo.  The last year that I did any coverage for this convention was in 2004.  Back then, the
convention was held in Anaheim, CA and much smaller that it currently is.  In 2004, I was still a paying member and even then,
the convention was experiencing some growing pains that weren't to my liking.  As a result, I left and looked at other
conventions.  This year, I returned as a member of the press.  I was sent by J!-ENT to cover a few things.  I was able to cover a
voice actor and a few concerts.  I would not have come if I couldn't cover these events.  Of course, in my spare time, I was able
to do some cosplay photography.  These days, the press related assignments take up a lot of my time, so I don't take as much
cosplay photography as I used to.

Certainly, a lot has changed since I last attended this convention.   There were some good changes and there were some
no-so-good changes.  Also, experiencing it as a member of the press also provided me with a new way of seeing this
convention.  As a regular paying member, there's a lot that goes on that you don't have to deal with.  Nontheless, I was here to
work and I tried my best to get everything done and have some fun in the process.

For now, my coverage on this, my personal website, will consist of my cosplay photos.  As I said, I didn't take very many cosplay
photos.  I basically did two photo shoots and a few random shots.  That's all I had time for.  Maybe, I'll add some concert photos
later on.  For now, this will have to do.