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June 27  San Bernardino County, CA
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The cosplayers involved with this photoshoot originally planned these costumes for Fanimecon 2009,
but they weren't able to complete the costumes for the convention.  Maybe it was all for the better.  They
completed the costumes anyways and on the weekend before Anime Expo, we gathered a few
photographers and headed into the mountains of San Berndardino County, north of Fontana to an area
known as Lytle Creek.  It was a beautiful setting for this photo session although it was probably the
hottest day of the year, with temperatures over 100 degrees in the late afternoon.  It was definitely a
better location than anything Fanimecon would have had but shooting this was very tough because the
heat drained my energy rather quickly.  We tried to stick to the shaded areas and made sure we stayed
hydrated.  The location also has some very rough terrain.  It's easy for most of us to handle, but for a
cosplayer wearing inappropriate footwear, it can be hard to navigate.  At the end of the session, all of
the girls ended up in the creek for a few photos.  After giving the costumes a good soaking, that pretty
much ended the photo session.  It was an interesting way to signify the end of a photoshoot.  Lytle
Creek is a really nice location for photos and probably worth visiting again in the future--when it's not too
hot of course,

Nergene Arquelada