For me, NANA Day was better than I thought it would be.  I've seen some local events that weren't very
successful, but as of late, the local anime culture has been very vibrant and it's not surprising that this
small event got fairly good attendance.  It definitely had a lot to offer and was very well organized.  It was
good to have participants in all of the events even though the contests didn't necessarily fill up all the
time that was allotted for them.  Even with three performing acts, the music program ran on schedule
without any problems.

I'm a big fan of these small fan-organized events.  This one was big enough to keep me busy (once I
finally chose to get busy), but small enough so that I didn't feel overloaded.  These are fun events and I
just like the relaxed atmosphere because it's not so serious.  Events like this seem to be what I'm
trending towards.  I went mainly for the music program, but if there's cosplay, I'll shoot that too.  I haven't
totally abandoned cosplay photography, but it's not the main reason why I go to anything anymore.

Congratulations to the NANA Day LA staff for putting on a pretty good event.  It will never happen again,
but it was fun.

Nergene Arquelada