OC Japan Street Fair 2009
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After seeing posters for this event any many locations around town, I decided to try this event.  This was
the first year for this event.  Anytime you attend an inaugural event, you take your chances and lower
your expectations.  This event advertised a lot of cultural attractions and performances.  For the most
part, there was a lot of cultural entertainment--taiko, Japanese dances, J-pop music.  There were a few
items that seemed to have nothing to do with Japanese culture at all and some forms of entertainment
that seemed to be "time-fillers".  There were also several food booths and some sold out of food rather
early in the day.  There were game booths and clothing vendors and booths advertising
services--standard cultural festival attractions.  The layout of the festival also seemed as though it
wasn't planned well.  It was in a small piece of land on the OC Fair Grounds.  All of the merchandise,
service, game, and food booths were crammed together in the center of this small strip on land.  It was
so tightly condensed that there was barely any room to move around during the busy part of the day.  
There was plenty of open space elsewhere, where people would sit in the dirt or dead grass to eat their
meals because there wasn't a lot of seating available.  It was obvious that they weren't expecting the
attendance that turned out.  It's good that people came out to support the event, but it's too bad that
they weren't prepared for it.  In all, I'd say that this event is what you make of it.  I managed to make a
day of it because I had a group of people with me and we managed to keep ourselves entertained.  
Others gave up quickly and said it wasn't worth the $2 admission charge.  There's definitely room for
improvement for this event.

Nergene Arquelada