I never believed that bigger is better.  Ani-Magic was the smallest convention I've attended, but it
was probably the best convention experience that I've ever had.  I arrived at the convention shortly
after 11:30 on Friday morning and as I walked through the conference center and hotel hallways on
the way to the hotel lobby, I kept running into people that I knew.  People greeted me with hugs and
handshakes--even people who I had never met.  I could feel a strong sense of community here.  We
were all friends for this weekend.  There were no strangers.

I've always believed that the best part about anime conventions is being with your friends and making
new friends.  It's not about gaudy and flashy exhibit hall booths.  It's not about film premieres.  It's
not about getting big-name guests of honor.  It's about getting together with other fans and having

The smaller conventions give you an opportunity to actually slow down and talk to people.  At large
conventions, I'm always rushing around.  I always need to be somewhere.  At Ani-Magic, there
wasn't really any place to rush to.  I've taken many photos at conventions and I've never spoken to
many of the people that I have photographed.  I was completely surprised by the many people who
came up to me to introduce themselves and compliment me on my photos.  It really meant a lot to

I have many wonderful memories from Ani-Magic 2004 and I will relive them every time I look at these
photographs.  Ani-Magic will definitely be on my schedule for next year.

--Super No. 1