Super No. 1 @ Ani-Magic 2004
October 1-3   Valencia, CA
Three months have passed since Anime Expo.  I was fairly angry after Anime Expo because of all of
the bad things that have happened to that convention.  Shortly afterwards, I made the decision to
attend Ani-Magic, a much smaller convention held north of Los Angeles.  It has gained a loyal group
of fans and a lot of people who were aware of my dissatisfaction with Anime Expo recommended that
I try this convention. I'm not somebody who likes to spend a lot of money in order to go to
conventions, but this convention would require me to stay at the hotel.  It was just too far for me to
drive back and forth every day.  So, I saved up, reserved the hotel room and paid the convention's
registration fee and as the convention drew closer, I looked forward to it more and more.

A lot has happened to me since Anime Expo.  My Anime Expo photos received a lot of positive
responses from the fans.  I've made a lot more friends through emails, message boards,  and instant
messaging.  A lot of friends, new and old, would be at Ani-Magic and I was quite anxious to see
everybody.  After Anime Expo, I made a promise to look at other conventions and continue to
support the anime and cosplay community. Ani-Magic 2004 was the starting point towards fulfilling
that promise.
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