On Sunday afternoon, the jacuzzi was looking very nasty.
Last year, I really didn't have too many complaints with this convention.  I liked the convention and
the location.  This year, I wasn't exactly too thrilled with the change in location.  The Antelope
Valley Inn isn't the most scenic of convention venues that I've been to.  It's not going to rank up
there with some of my favorites.  I found a few places that worked quite nicely and now that I've
experienced a convention at this location, I can change my strategy for next year and hopefully
get some more hall cosplay photos.  If it weren't for the Cosplay Under the Stars contest and my
handy Platinum badge, I really wouldn't have anything to show this year.  For me, there just
weren't too many positive aspects about this particular location.  On the positive side, the hotel
did provide a reasonably priced buffet which provided me with adequate sustenance to survive the

In the end, I still had a great time at AniMagic 2005.  For atmosphere, this convention can't be
beat.  It's a fun place to relax and socialize with other fans.  This is one of the few ways in which
the layout of the hotel is actually beneficial.  I had a great room location, right behind the cabana
and I could look outside my window and see a lot of cool activities going on.  When I felt like
joining in, I merely had to step outside my door.  I kept my door open a lot of the time and got
quite a few visitors wandering in that weekend.  This is why I like smaller events.

See you next year!

Nergene Arquelada
"Super No. 1"