Unlike Northern California, which has many small anime conventions throughout the year, Southern
California has bigger, but far fewer anime conventions.  The Southern California anime community
seems to be a bit spoiled by having the largest anime convention in the US held here.  I know there
are many people who won't go to smaller conventions.  However, times have changed and a lot of
fans have basically come out of the woodwork and many small and new events have popped up as
of late.

I've been going to conventions for more than 10 years now.  I've made a ton of friends.  Last year
was absolutely phenomenal for me basically due to the fact that I went to more conventions and got
to meet so many new people and strengthened my relationships with longtime friends.  I've really
begun to discover what a wonderful community the anime crowd is.  It was a great feeling to go to
this convention and to actually know so many people who were there.

When you've been to enough conventions, you get to know a lot of people who will go to both
large and small conventions.  I really don't care about a convention's programming anymore.  It
doesn't matter if their dealer's room has only a handful of vendors or if the guests of honor are
people that I've never heard of.  To me, the social aspect of conventions is my main reason for
going these days.

Anime LA expected a total of 200-300 attendees.  It got twice as many.  This convention will be
bigger and better next year and I will definitely return.  This convention is going to be one of the great
convention experiences for those of us who like the  atmosphere of smaller conventions.  We can
all be one big happy family.  You don't get that at the larger conventions.  People who don't go to
smaller conventions don't know what they are missing.

See you next year!

Nergene Arquelada
"Super No. 1"