Anime LA Masquerade
Photographing a masquerade contest at an anime convention is always a big challenge.  It's difficult
to capture an image that actually has some meaning and most photos end up looking completely
goofy.  Also, unless you're in the front row, there's a lot stuff that gets in way, especially if the
stage is low.  That's why I enjoy it so much.  I always end up throwing away most of my
masquerade contest photos because they just turn out awful.  I was grateful that the stage actually
had decent lighting, which makes it easier for people who don't use a flash.  A lot of conventions
like to hold their masquerades in almost complete darkness to duplicate some kind of theater-like
atmosphere, which I've always felt was a waste.  A masquerade contest at an anime convention
features some of the best costumes at the convention and it's a shame that many conventions
choose to show them in some of the worst lighting conditions imaginable.  This year's masquerade
contest had a field of 21 entries.  Once again, this was probably the smallest masquerade contest
I'd even seen at an anime convention.

Also performing during the intermission was a band called the Random Ninjas, which I have also
included in this section of photos.