Anime LA 2005 Cosplay
Shooting hall cosplay at Anime LA was quite a challenge.  First of all, I had never been to this
location.  This was the first of three sites that I plan to visit this year that I have never been to
before, so I'd better get used to adapting to unfamiliar places.   On the first day of the convention,
rain threatened to wash out any outdoor shooting.  I absolutely hate taking hall cosplay photos
indoors.  I just don't like the way most of my indoor photos turn out.  The rain was sporadic and
when it wasn't raining, it was actually quite beautiful to take photographs.

On Saturday, the rain was gone, but it was very windy and cold.  It was tough to stay outdoors for
long periods of time.  Thank goodness for the con suite, which was a good place to take a break
and get some coffee or tea.  On Sunday, it was still windy, but a bit warmer.  There was a
surprisingly large number of people who stuck around until the convention closed.  For a final day of
a convention, Sunday was fairly busy.

The plaza where I took all of the hall cosplay photos had it's good areas and bad areas.  I tried to
avoid including the hotel buildings in most of the shots.  Areas of dark shade were a big problem
because the backlight in these areas was particularly strong.  The result was a lot of unsalvageable
photos.  Another popular photo area included a big ivy-covered wall, which I wasn't too fond of.  
The few colorful flowers on the wall and a brick platform helped a little bit to break up the monotony
of the wall.  The fountain area, with it's rocks and plants, was probably my favorite location.  I
learned a lot about this location and hopefully things will turn out better next year.
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