Anime LA 2007 Cosplay
I've become very selective about the conventions that I attend these days.  I've pretty much decided
which ones I like and continue to go to those.  I've stopped attending cons that I don't particularly like for
some reason or another.  This convention has stayed on the schedule for a few reasons, but one of the
big reasons is that the Airtel Plaza Hotel gardens are a wonderful place to take cosplay photos.  Over
the past few years, I've learned to use this area.  I know what I like.  I know what angles work for me.  I
know where I want to put people.  I know where I want to shoot at different times during the day.  My
photo output at this con has never been really high, but there's a way that I want my photos to look,
which naturally leads to a lot fewer photos than others will take.  I've never been about taking a gazillion
photos anyways.

Another thing about this convention was that the weather has been somewhat cooperative over the
years.  In 2005, we had a little rain on the first day, but it didn't last long and it wasn't very hard.  In
2006, it didn't rain at all.  This year, we had a lot of rain on Saturday and it continued on into some
Sunday morning sprinkles.  The big grassy area of the garden turned to mud.  Most of Saturday
afternoon was rained out for me.  I spent most if it the hotel, looking out a window waiting for the rain to
decrease enough to make a go of it.

Surprisingly, at the end of it all, this was my biggest hall cosplay photo output in a few years.  There
were times last year where I questioned whether or not I really wanted to do this anymore.  After this
con, I discovered that I still enjoyed doing this.
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