Anime Los Angeles 2007
January 26-28  Van Nuys, CA
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Anime LA is the first convention of the year for me.  This is the third consecutive year that I've been to
this convention, which means I've been to every single one of these.  However, this would be the final
time at the Airtel Plaza Hotel.  Having outgrown this venue, this convention will move to nearby Burbank
in 2008.  This convention has grown at a very steady rate, gaining approximately 600 new members
each year.  Consequently, everything else at this convention has grown from the masquerade contest
to the dealer's room to music programming.  This year had an attendance cap of 1,800 members.  It has
become knows as a very relaxed convention where anime fans can hang out and socialize and enjoy
anime and cosplay.  Despite being at the end of January, the weather for the previous two editions of
Anime LA was very good.  The days have been cool but with plenty of sun.

However, this year's convention was nothing people expected it to be.