Anime Los Angeles 2008
January 4-6  Burbank, CA
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Anime LA 4 is the first stop on my "2008 Retirement Tour".  It has only been two months since my last
convention, Pacific Media Expo, but after going through the holidays, it feels like forever since I've been
to a convention.  I've been attending this convention since the beginning, when attendance was slightly
over 600 people and it has gained approximately 600 new members every year since then.  There were
some big changes this year.  Having outgrown the Airtel Plaza in Van Nuys, the convention moved to the
more spacious Burbank Airport Marriott,  Also, the convention changed dates from late January to the
first weekend of the year.  After many complaints due to overzealous badge-checking last year, this
year's con promised less nagging.  This year also had an ambitious music program and included an
indoor photo area for all cosplayers and photographers to use.  Of course, we can't forget a portion of
this convention's popular Con Suite being transformed into the Blue Rose Maid Cafe.

Anime LA is one of those special cons that takes great measures to improve itself and give its members
a satisfying experience and that's why I've enjoyed coming to this convention.  It has always been a nice
break from the more "serious" conventions and a fun place to hang out with anime fans and cosplayers
and to listen to some really cool local bands.