Anime Los Angeles
January 2-4  Los Angeles, CA
Anime Los Angeles 2009 was the first anime convention of the year.  This year, it was held on the first
weekend of the year.  This was the third different venue for this convention in its five years of existence.  
This year, it moved out of the San Fernando Valley and to the LAX Marriott.

Honestly, I wasn't supposed to be at Anime LA.  I originally intended to retire from these smaller
conventions and cover only press-related conventions.  A year ago, i was completely burnt out on
cosplay photography and 2008 was supposed to be the final round and the end of my long career as a
convention photographer.  But a lot of things happened during 2008.  I met a lot of wonderful people
during the first half of the year and a lot of these people inspired me to continue.  So, once again I found
myself at Anime LA.  It has become one of my favorite conventions simply for the good atmosphere and

I was very apprehensive about the change of venue before getting there.  I knew that it was primarily
going to be an indoor venue.  With this conventions growing attendance, I knew that most areas were
going to be crowded for most of the weekend.  As far as doing convention photography here, I knew that
the venue wasn't well suited for my style.  Still, I was determined to make a go of it.  Either way, I was just
happy to be back with the fans and close friends.
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