Anime Los Angeles 2010
January 8-10  Los Angeles, CA
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Anime LA is the first anime convention of the year that I go to.  This was its 6th year and I've been to every convention
since it began.  It returned to the LAX Marriott for another year.  Each year, this convention gets bigger.  This year, with
the attendance cap lifted, who knew what to expect?  It has always been one of the better conventions for socializing.  
It's a convetniton that doesn't have that trade show feel to it.  While it's not as large as other cons and it doesn't have
the biggest guests, this convention is about about the attendees.  It's the people that you meet around the halls is what
makes this convention one of the better convention experiences that you can have.  If you want to buy anime
merchandise, fan art, watch screenings, listen to concerts by local bands, karaoke, play video games, or people watch,
you can to plenty of that, too.  After the holidays, this convention is a wonderful way to start the year.  It's time to meet
up with old friends and make new ones.