This was the seventh year for Anime Los Angeles and I've been to this convention every year since it began.  One of the things
that I like about this convention is that it is what it is and it doesn't pretend to be something that it is not.  It's a medium-sized
convention that gets over 3,000 attendees.  It's not going to have an impressive guest list with half a dozen guests from Japan.  
It's not going to have big name musical performers for its concerts.  The dealers room isn't going to have gigantic booths that
go all the way up to the ceiling.  After going to this con since it began, I know what to expect going into the weekend.  I've never
been somebody who goes to conventions to sit in screening rooms.  I've never been much of a shopper at conventions.  I'll
occasionally go into a karaoke room or a video game room.  I'll go to whatever panels and concerts that I find to be interesting.   
Dances?  Forget about it.   Most of my time is spent taking photographs and socializing and at this convention, that's what 95%
of my time consists of.

It's not that I'm bored at this convention.  It's just that I've been here enough times that I don't feel the need to do too much
anymore.  I went to the con suite once during this convention.  In the past, I would go several times during the day.  I would
usually go to a concert or two during the convention, but I didn't go to any this year.  Anime LA normally gets local bands that
I've probably already seen before.  If not, I'll probably get to see them some other time at some other convention or event.  I
didn't even get any ribbons this year and didn't even try.  This year, I was quite comfortable with spending my days in the photo
studio, taking photos of friends and random people who would come by.  I don't feel the need to roam the halls taking as many
photos as I can.  This location is still one of the more densely packed convention locations that I go to.  I don't necessarily enjoy
taking photos in densely packed locations.  I can always take some photos outside, but I can save that for other conventions.  
Anime LA is the only convention that I go to that has a photo studio that anybody can use so I take advantage of it.  Sitting and
relaxing in the photo studio is more my style.  I've seen the chaos in the halls and on the pool deck and it's just not something
that I want to be out in.  Anime LA is a nice place to learn a bit about studio photography and practice it.  This year, all of my
photographs were taken in the photo studio.  That was what I wanted to do going into the convention, so that's what I did.  The
end result is a much smaller photo gallery than usual, but that's okay.  I really enjoyed taking them.

If I attend Anime LA in 2012, I'll most likely do the same thing again.  Yeah, I said "if".  When you've been going to conventions
as long as I have, it's always "if".

Nergene Arquelada