This year brought big changes and growth to this website.  Before the convention season started, my
old trusty Olympus C-2100 finally gave out and I purchased my first DSLR, the Nikon D-70.  With the
announcement of TM Revolution and Nami Tamaki as musical guests to a first-year convention called
Pacific Media Expo, this would be the first year that I would attend more than one convention.  Even
though it was a much smaller convention than what I was used to, it quickly became one of my favorites.
 I treated it was a practice run for the largest convention of the year, Anime Expo.  Anime Expo 2004
produced the largest photo gallery I've ever done for one convention.  The fan response was
incredible, for which I am forever grateful.  This eventually led to me being featured on
Cosplay Lab in
the Cameko Flash section.  Sadly, despite the positive results from Anime Expo, it would be the last
time that I would attend this convention.  Frustrated by some of the policies imposed by this convention,
I decided to call it quits and end my ten-year attendance streak there.  The summer concluded with the
annual trip to Nisei Week.  With an anime festival now an official event of Nisei Week, this event showed
tremendous potential as an annual fan gathering.

In search of other conventions to do my photography, I made my first trip to Animagic, which had moved
to a more convenient location in Valencia.  I was amazed at how fun these smaller conventions could
be.  Shortly afterwards, I was recruited by
J!-ENT to join their staff as a photographer.  The year
concluded with a stop at Dragonfest and their ill-conceived cosplay event, which proved to be a
one-time event.