I attended more conventions in 2005 than in any other year.  The year began with another first-year
convention, Anime Los Angeles.  Once again, I experience the goodness that only happens at the small
conventions.  The convention was attended by almost 700 fans and has experienced incredible growth
since then.  This convention also introduced me to a band called the Random Ninjas.  I have been a big
fan ever since.  In the spring, I made my first visit to Wizard World, which is a very popular touring comic
book convention.  It held a small cosplay competition in 2005, but this convention is not a big cosplay
attraction in California.  Also in the spring, I made my first visit to Fanime Con in San Jose.  This was the
first time I had travelled out of the Los Angeles area for a convention.  This would be the biggest
convention of the year for me as I would make good on my promise not to attend Anime Expo.

The second half of the year saw another much-improved Nisei Week event and a Pacific Media Expo
that took a much different turn than what people expected.  PMX 2005 was also the first convention that
I had covered as a member of the press.  While the convention didn't attract the big-name musical
guests that it did in it's first year, I still had a lot of fun shooting the concert series and photographing
cosplayers and guests, including one of my favorite models, Kaila Yu.  I really enjoy being an
entertainment and event photographer.  The summer ended with FPAC, which became the first
non-anime related event to be included on this website.  It was always my vision to include the cultural
events that I go to on this website and I decided that this was the year to start doing it.  I've always been
proud of the work I've done at these events.

The year ended with my second trip to Animagic, which had moved back to its original location in
Lancaster.  However, dissatisfied with my work output there and unhappy with the convention location, I
decided to remove this event from my schedule in 2006.