This year was very busy for me.  Included in this year's coverage are 3 anime conventions, 6  cultural
events, 2 concerts and my trip to Japan.  This year started at Anime LA, which doubled in size from its
first year and was well on its way to becoming one of the more popular conventions in Southern
California.  In the spring, I took some time to support the Random Ninjas and photograph some of their
shows at Loyola Marymount, USC and Little Tokyo.  My plans to go to Fanimecon in San Jose were
cancelled when my car's transmission gave out and I had to divert my financial resources to pay for the
repairs.  In June, I made my first visit to Japan for a business trip.  Of course, I took some time to have
fun and make the anime fan's pilgrimage to Akihabara, which is something you should do at least once
in your lifetime if anime interests you at all.  During the second half of the year, I went to a bunch of
cultural fesitivals.  There were once again many changes to the Nisei Week Anime Festival but it
continues to grow in popularity.  It seems like I've been attending FPAC forever, but it was my first time
going to the LA Korean Festival, Harvest Moon Festival, and Japan Expo.  Dissatisfied with my
experience at Animagic's Lancaster location, I chose to skip that convention and attended Mikomicon, a
first year convention held on the campus of Cal State Northridge.  Pacific Media Expo was the last
convention that I covered this year, providing photos for this website as well as J!-ENT.  In addition to
cosplay coverage, I was able to photograph exclusive interviews with OLIVIA, Mechanical Panda, and
Novala Takemoto as well as the convention's music program.  The things I achieved at this convention
set the stage for covering future entertainment related events.