2007 was a very challenging year.  I was quickly burning out on copsplay photography.  My photo
output at conventions continued to diminish.  I continued to attend many cultural events and my
attention was gravitating towards those type of events.

My work with J!-ENT continued to grow.  I continued to to cover music artists from Japan and in 2007
was finally able to cover a few major-label acts outside of anime conventions.  It appeared as if my
path was going off in a new direction.

I still planned to go to many anime conventions in 2007, but a car accident sidelined me for
FanimeCon.   I had a press badge waiting for me at Anime Expo to cover their massive music
programs, but due to typical AX shenanigans, I chose not to attend.  I had to leave Mikomicon off the
the schedule because it conflicted with FPAC.

In all it was a year full of ups and downs.  It was a struggle all the way and one of the toughest that
I've had to deal with.  By the end of the year, I had decided to retire from convention photography.  
2008 would be my final year of it.