After struggling through the past couple of years, I started 2008 with the intention of this being my final year of
conventions and cosplay photography.  It wasn't fun anymore and felt that it was time for me to move on.  It started off
with Anime LA, which will be remembered for the amazing storm that occurred that weekend.  I decided to try some new
things and went to a small Valentine's Day cosplay picnic and ended up working with a small, but enthusiastic group of
cosplayers and photographers.  We continued our efforts on my first year out to take photos with the cherry blossoms
at Lake Balboa.  It was also my first year to attend the SoCal Gathering.  I shared my passion for the video game
by bringing my own video game system to this event.  In the first half of this year, I had made so many new friends
and once again, cosplay photography was fun.  Shortly after the SoCal Gathering, I decided to stick around and not all
it quits after the end of the year.

It was the the start of a great adventure.  I restarted
Cosplay Underground for J!-ENT by shooting pictorials.  The first
edition was shot at FanimeCon.  It was a different type of shooting that I wasn't used to, but I was determined to try it.  
Once again, I bypassed Anime Expo.  For me, summer was still all about the cultural events--Nisei Week, FPAC, and
Harvest Moon Festival.  I returned to MikomiCon after missing 2007.  Early fall will be remembered for ushering in the
era of the cosplay road trip, with excursions to a steam engine museum outside of San Diego and an even more
outrageous trip to the Salton Sea.  Later that year, I was invited to my first Anime Con Carne and more fun at Lake
Balboa.  The year ended with my favorite convention, Pacific Media Expo, and another road trip out to Knapp's Castle
near Santa Barbara.  What started out as my retirement tour turned out to be the busiest year I had ever had.  I
covered a lot things and took a lot of photos.  It was a year that turned everything around.