This year was a big experiment.  As for my cosplay photography, this was the year I really started getting into using off camera
flashed.  It was a big change, but I really started to enjoy the flexibility that it gave me.  I wasn't afraid to tackle tricky lighting
situations.  Photo shoots were longer because they needed to be, but in the end, I was more satisfied with the photos that I was
taking.  It changed the way that I took cosplay photos at conventions.  At Anime LA, I stayed in the basement photo studio the
whole time.  At FanimeCon, I didn't do too much shooting other than with those who had made appointments with me.  One
photo shoot at Fanime lasted over 3 hours and that was with only one cosplayer.  I stuck with shooting individuals or small
groups because otherwise, it would take a really long time.  I was also doing more things on my own and I found it easier to do
photo shoots in this way because I didn't have to worry about what other people needed.  Shooting was a lot more one-on-one
and I enjoyed it even though I was shooting less.

I went to some interesting events such as Otaku Rehab and the free MacrossWorld convention.  Neither event will be on the top
of my list of awesome experiences, but at least I can say that I did them.  I was back at Anime Expo and actually covering things,
which was something that I haven't done since 2004.  Things have changed a lot.  Some things have improved, but some have
not.  There was also a trek to Sturtevant Falls for a photo shoot.  I carried a ton of photo equipment two miles into the woods to
get it done.  It was one of the most physically demanding shoots that I've done, but I have no regrets.

2010 definitely started me going on another direction.  It was a more lonely path, but one that was more satisfying.