Farewell to Anime Expo
After ten years of attending Anime Expo, I've decided that it's time to stop. It's hard to give up on an event that I love
going to.  It's been part of my Summer vacation and it's one time each year that I can see so many of my friends--I
have made so many.  But, since I've been around it for so long, I notice all the changes that have occurred since I
first started attending.  Some of them are good, but there are a lot of changes that given me a negative opinion of the

I read the convention's message boards.  There are a lot of things that people who attend the convention don't know
about or even bother to read about.  I read them because I don't want to be an ignorant person.  Things have
happened, whether it be convention politics, rule changes, or policy changes, and all of it makes the convention less
enjoyable for me.  Frankly, a lot of it sickens me.  It would be a lot easier to ignore all of it and just continue going to
Anime Expo and have a good time, but I won't.  I don't have any blind allegiance for any event that I go to.

Did I have a good time at Anime Expo 2004??  Yes, I always do but it's not enough to bring me back.  I would have a
much better time if this convention would stop finding ways to basically screw the fans.

Everybody just wants to be treated fairly, but this convention keeps finding more ways to be unfair to people.  The
voucher system is something that I have already discussed on my Masquerade section.  If you don't know about
how cosplayers were treated before and during the Masquerade, you might want to learn about some of the things
that went on.  The information in fairly easy to find.  It's all very eye-opening.

By purchasing a membership for a convention, you are showing your support for it.  I can no longer support what
happens here.  Until Anime Expo improves the conditions for everybody, I won't purchase another membership.  For
me, it's not enough to AX to simply be the largest convention.  Fans deserve more.

I'll still be around, supporting the anime and cosplay community, but not at this convention.  For once, I've actually
gone to more than one convention this year.  Anime Expo is not the only convention.  I'll find another convention to
call home.  I hope to come back to Anime Expo some day and I hope they make some changes that will make it
possible for me to do so.

I will miss all of you very much!!

Best wishes,
Super No. 1