Cosplay @ Anime Expo 2004
Photographing cosplay at Anime Expo can be difficult.  The days are long and hot.  You spend most
of the day in the same area and you are on your feet most of the time.  If you carry around a lot of
equipment, like I do, it's very gruelling.  I tried not too wear myself out and get a bad sunburn, which I
did last year.  There are a growing number of people who dedicate a majority of their convention time
taking photos of cosplayers.  Every year, there are more and more photo sites containing pictures
from Anime Expo.

Each year, the cosplay section of my Anime Expo coverage grows larger and larger.  This year is no
exception, even though I'm rather slow and methodical when I'm out there in the field.  Because I
only have a limited amount of webspace, I tend to be a bit more picky.  This is always the most
popular section of any convention coverage website so I always want to put a good effort into it.

Please enjoy my Anime Expo 2004 hall cosplay galleries!!
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