Anime Expo 2004
July 2-5  Anahiem, CA
Anime Expo was the convention that started it all for me.  I first began attending this convention in
1995.  It was at the Hilton near Los Angeles International Airport and it drew roughly 3,000 fans.  In
2004, it drew an estimated 25,000 fans.

It was in 1999 when I first brought a camera to Anime Expo.  It was a cheap Fuji disposable camera.  
The viewfinder wasn't centered and I only got a few good pics out of it.  The next year, I brought my
old SLR.  I didn't have a lot in my budget for film.  I ended up with only 3 rolls of film that year, but
that year, I started posting my photos on the internet on a small site hosted on Geocities.  It was
only a few photographs, but I was proud of them and I wanted to show other people.

In 2001, I bought my first digital camera   The rest is history.  This website was born and I began
photographing this convention in earnest, taking hundreds for photos every year since then.  Every
year, I've examined my photos and thought of ways that I could improve.  I've learned a lot.

However, this was my 10th consecutive Anime Expo.  I knew that going into it, maybe my time is
over.  I'm not that much of an anime fan anymore and I basically go to this convention to take
photos and hang out with my friends.

So, this year, I wanted to give the fans what they want.  This year's Anime Expo coverage is all
cosplay related, with very few exceptions.  Very few people looked at my coverage of other events,
so I decided to exclude those this year.  If this is my last year at this convention, I wanted to do
something special for fans of my website.
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