Comikaze Expo 2011
November 5-6  Los Angeles, CA
This was the first year for Comikaze Expo.  I've never been a big fan of comic conventions.  I've been to Comic Con International once and it was too
crowded for my tastes.  I've also been to the smaller comic conventions in Long Beach and Anaheim as well as Wizard World when it was still
around.  These conventions were more geared towards comic book and science fiction fans.  Anime has been a small part of these conventions.  
I've never been that big into comics and so I would always be bored after a short while.  After checking out the exhibit hall, there really wasn't much
else at these conventions that interested me.  I decided to give Comikaze Expo a try because of its very low admission price.  $12 for a day pass is
very inexpensive for a convention and if you were able to find some online discounts, it was even less than that.

As it turned out, there really wasn't much difference between the smaller comic conventions and Comikaze Expo.   Once again, after looking through
the exhibit hall (it took about 1 hour), I couldn't find anything else interesting to do at this convention.  It was also one of those one-room conventions,
which I don't like too much. Everything was put into one large space, which means every attendee is basically in the same space.  It became very
crowded in this room and I simply don't enjoy arrangements like that.

On the positive side, it was nice to be at an in the Los Angeles Convention Center when it's not crowded.  I've been to this location during Anime
Expo, the LA Auto Show, and E3 and during those events, it's completely full.  This was a nice change of pace.  After the checking out the convention,
I got to work on one cosplay photo shoot (Pepper from "A Little Snow Fairy Sugar"), and since it was less hectic, it was easier to get around the
convention center and get to some good locations for photography.  I don't really like shooting any cosplay photos in a crowded exhibit hall.  I was
only there for the afternoon so one photo shoot was just about all I had time for.  For a first year event, the attendance seemed pretty high, so
hopefully this convention can improve their facilities for next time.  I'd definitely give this convention another chance just because I like the slower
change of pace and the less crowded conditions at the convention center make for better photo taking conditions.

Nergene Arquelada
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