Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture
September 10-11  San Pedro, CA
When I first built this website, I only had a limited amount of storage space and so the website was
basically a collection of photos from the various anime conventions that I went to.  I created a second
website for photos from other events that didn't necessarily fit into the theme of this website.  After all,
I was proud of these photos and wanted the world to see other things that I took photos of.  To me,
these photos were just as important, but with the limited capacity of the old website, I was forced to
put them on a second site.  Over the years, this webhost has increased the capacity of this website
and I have more space than I can ever use.  Earlier this year, I closed the second website and the
photos that would have gone there will now be found here.

The Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture is the event that I've gone to for the most consecutive years.  
My first festival was in 1994 and I have not missed the festival since then.  I've seen it grow from a
small festival at Los Angeles City College to a massive festival that attracts nearly 20,000 people.  
Every year, there's a lot of great entertainment on the program.  For me, this is where I learned to
photograph stage shows.  This festival lets anybody get as close to the stage as they want and I've
spent many hours in the hot sun shooting the performers at this festival.  I am proud to have this
event as the first event without any connections to the anime community to be included on this
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