Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture
Sept. 9-10  San Pedro, CA
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One of the greatest things about living in a very large city is the ethnic diversity.  Los Angeles is a mix of
many cultures and throughout the year, there are many cultural festivals.  The Festival of Philippine Arts
and Culture is one of my favorite events of the year because it celebrates my culture and my heritage.  
This was the thirteenth consecutive year that I have been to this festival and I've watched it grow

This year saw another expansion to accommodate the huge crowds that attend this festival.  The
arrangent of the festival was noticeably different and occupied more of Point Fermin Park than ever
before.  There were more vendor booths and carnival-type attractions.  Also for this year, there were
many more recognizable names on the entertainment side.  Comedian Rex Navarrete made his annual
visit to this festival.  Comedian Joey Guila came back for a second year.  Camile Velasco, who was a
finalist on
American Idol made an appearance this year as did legendary folk singer, Florante.  It was a
great year for entertainment at this year's festival.

I love returning to this festival every year.  I learned so much by photographing the stage entertainment
here.  This is my way of giving back to this special event.  Even though most of my past festival galleries
don't exist online anymore, this is still the largest one that I've ever done.  Please enjoy!