Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture
September 8-9  San Pedro, CA
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I had a big dilemma for this weekend.  Also on this weekend was Mikomicon, which is a small anime
convention on the campus of Cal State Northridge.  I always like to get out and support the smaller
anime conventions and their programming looked fairly improved over last year.  However, they moved
up their date from early October to this weekend.  On the other hand, FPAC is the event that I've been
attending since 1995 and I really support what they do.  In the LA area, it's really a once-a-year event
and there is nothing else that celebrates the Filipino culture quite like this event.  Plus, I live in San
Pedro and commuting to Northridge every day didn't seem very appealing.

I've seen this event grow tremendously over the years.  I've seen it grow from a few thousand attendees
to its present day attendance number of approximately 15,000.  I've seen it move from LA City College
to Cabrillo Beach to its present location at Point Fermin Park.  Each year, the event takes up more of
the park.  Every year, there is more of everything.  If there is a single event that I can point to where I
learned the most about stage photography, it's this event and that's why I love coming here each year.  
Well, there's that and there's also the great food, beautiful people, and great entertainment.  During the
late summer, there are many cultural festival in the Los Angeles area and this is one of my favorites.