Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture 2009
September 12-13  San Pedro, CA
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The Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture still remains as the event that I've attended the most.  If
you've attended this event when it was held at LA City College, then you've been around for awhile.  It's
still amazing to see how much this event has grown over the years.  Last year, we saw a little bit of a
decrease in what this event had to offer.  Some elements from previous years were gone.  While those
attractions were still missing for this year, the event itself seemed to have a bit of improvement and was
bouncing back from last year.  Also, when you've been to so many of these, you've seen the same acts
perform year after year and it gets a bit repetitive.  This year, there were quite a few new acts
performing and that will keep the event fresh.  However, each year, it seems that we get another
increase in ticket price.  This year, the one-day price was $7.  Is it still worth it?  To many, it's still a
bargain.  When will the ticket price be too much for what the festival offers?  I'm not really sure, but I'm
definitely thinking about perhaps cutting next year's visit to only one day.  Seriously, one of the reasons
why I go to both days is because it's convenient.  I'm a San Pedro resident and it's easy for me to go to
this event.  However, I do know my limits and when I feel I'm not getting my money's worth on something.  
I hope that this event's lean years are behind it and that it continues to grow.  Maybe once again, it can
take up all of Pt. Fermin Park and have all of the events and pavilions back.

Nergene Arquelada