Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture 2011
September 10-11  San Pedro, CA
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The Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture still stands as the annual event that I've been to for the most consecutive years.  The
first year I went was the last year it was held at Los Angeles City College, and that's a long time ago.  Since I live in San Pedro,
there really isn't much of a reason for me not to go.  It's in my neighorhood.  I've watched it grow, shrink, and struggle.  For
many years, I attended both days of this festival.  Last year I only went one day.  The only other year I did that was the first year
I attended.  This year, I decided to only go for one day again.  I remember when this event was free to attend.  When they first
started charging for the event, it wasn't so bad.  I remember paying $5 for a two-day pass.  The price for this year was $9 per
day.  For the past few years, this festival has been shrinking.  I remember when it used to take up almost all of Point Fermin
Park.  Now, it takes up roughly 25% of the park.  There is less of everything every year.  It's not a pleasant situation and it's a
shame to see that happen to such a great event.

Even so, the entertainment is really top notch.  I missed Saturday, which had a lot of great performers such as Lea Salonga and
Joe Bataan.  Sunday was pretty good with Rex Navarrete, but he goes every year.  I've seen him perform at this festival many
times so it wasn't really anything new to me.  With the rising costs to attend this event, I'm very unsure if I'll be back next year.  If
the price increases once again, that's where I begin to question if there's something I'd rather do for the same price.  It's been a
great run for me.  I've seen a lot of great things at this festival, but if this was my last FPAC, I wouldn't be surprised.

Nergene Arquelada