Harvest Moon Festival 2006
October 1  Arcadia, CA
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I've had a fun summer going to various Asian cultural festival around the Los Angeles.  It started off at
Nisei Week, continued with the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, and then there was my first visit
to the Los Angeles Korean Festival.  It's only fitting that I end my summer with my first ever visit to the
Harvest Moon Festival, which is a Pan-Asian Festival that celebrates many of the cultures of Eastern
Asia.  Instead of attending the Animagic convention, which was happening on the same weekend in
Lancaster, I chose to come here.  Despite the ever-changing weather, the attendance was impressive
and it was surprising how many people stuck around through the rain.  The entertainment was top-notch
for a local cultural festival.  I was absolutely amazed by what I saw here.  All of the great cultures of East
Asia coming together in one place was a beautiful thing to see.
Performers and personalities appearing in the following photos:

Nikki Hong
Kitsune Taiko
nelle So
Eugene Huang
Korean Classical Dance Co.
Far East Movement
Jasmine Trias