Japanese Cultural Night
February 4, 2006  Westchester, CA
I've been wanting to re-invent this website and include photos from other events that I like to go
to that have absolutely no cosplay involved.  Photos from these events would typically be put on
my other website on Homestead, which I called "The Hideout".  Gradually, I'm going to phase out
"The Hideout" and create a massive website here at super-no1.com containing photos from every
event that I photograph.  It's my goal to have this website as a showcase for my photos.  I'd like
to show that I'm not just a cosplay photographer or a convention photographer.

With that being said, Japanese Cultural Night 2006 will be the first cosplay-free event to be
featured here.  This was a small, cozy event held on the campus of Loyola Marymount University,
where this was an annual event from 1999-2001.  After a five year absence, it has returned.  It
was an entertaining evening filled with music, martial arts demonstrations, and Japanese food.