Japan Expo 2006
November 18-19  Los Angeles, CA
This was my first ever visit to this long-running annual event, and most likely, my final event for the year.
 Having been to many cultural festivals this year, I felt that this would be a great way to finish the year.  
This was also the first year that a cosplay contest would be included in this year's expo.  I didn't have
much of an opportunity to do a lot of cosplay photography at Pacific Media Expo a few weeks ago, so I
wanted to have one last cosplay event for this year.  Japan Expo included a lot of things that I was
interested in such as Asian culture, food, art, music, anime, video games, and cosplay.

Getting into the expo turned out to be the biggest challenge of the day.  With the much larger Ski Dazzle
event also happening in the same convention center and an Los Angeles Kings hockey game in the
adjacent Staples Center, traffic around the LA Convention Center was a nightmare.  The line of cars to
get into the convention center parking lot went around the block and moved very slowly.  I ended up
parking in a nearby lot for $20 because I didn't want to spend the time to get into the convention center

Once inside the expo, I found myself easily entertained by the entertainment on the main stage.  
Seriously, I am fascinated by very simple things.  There were also all types of booths selling things from
kimonos to package trips to Japan and phones for the hearing impaired.  There was plenty of Japanese
food available if you wanted to wait in line for it.  The cosplay contest was good for the first time out.  It
was just a fun little competition, which is a nice break from those serious contests at other conventions.  
Everybody seemed to have fun, which was the important part.  I really enjoyed my first visit to Japan
Expo and hope to return next year.
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