Fall 2009 Casual Photos
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Shooting casual photos is a good way to come up with ideas.  It's a good way to learn how to use
different environments.  Many times, when I'm shooting cosplay photos and I don't know a lot about a
character, it basically becomes a casual photoshoot except the subject is wearing a costume.  This was
a day-long photo session in San Juan Capistrano and Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley.  Actually, I
was at this same park the day before shooting the CSU picnic.  I thought there would be more
interesting things on the north side of the park so I wanted to give that a try.  Every time you go out and
take photos, you learn new things.  For me, I learned more about what kinds of areas I like and what I
don't like.  I experimented with some new equipment and eventually, I'll get the hang of it.  Many thanks
to Yuki and Anela for being my models for the day.

Nergene Arquelada