Der Cosplay
Welcome to the nosebleed section!  Seriously, I wasn't that far back in the line to get in.  I just
chose to sit up here.  I sat in the floor section for Music Fest, but I sat up here for ZZ and I liked it
so much that I wanted to sit up here for Der Cosplay.  The view is so much better.  The San Jose
Civic Auditorium is actually the best masquerade venue that I've been in since Anime Expo was in
Long Beach.  I love to photograph masquerade contests and I knew that shooting from up here
was going to be tough, but it's always fun to attempt it under such conditions even if I might fail
miserably.  I came to this convention wanting to learn a few things and this was actually one of
them. I wanted to shoot from up here just to see if I could.  I'm always looking for new ways to
challenge myself.  In this case, I just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best.  Maybe I'm
just a glutton for punishment.

***Most of these photos have been cropped.  Otherwise, everybody would look really, really tiny.
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