FanimeCon 2005
May 27-30  San Jose, CA
I never thought that I would ever go to this convention.  I had never travelled out of the Los
Angeles area for a convention.  I like going to conventions, but I was not the type of person who
would spend large amounts to money to travel to a convention that wasn't local.  In fact, last year
was the first year that I had been to more than one convention.  After Pacific Media Expo moved
to Labor Day Weekend and after I made the decision to take Anime Expo off of my schedule for
2005, I seriously thought about making this trip.  I still wanted to have a large convention on my
schedule.  So, after my first trip to Ani-Magic, which I enjoyed immensely, and a little coaxing from
my Northern California friends, I committed myself to making the trip to FanimeCon.

With its diverse programming, which included video rooms featuring Asian cinema and drama and a
great concert lineup, this convention had a lot of events that I was interested in.  For my first year
here, I just wanted to learn a few things.  I wanted to learn how things worked.  I wanted to learn
how to photograph at this location.  I wanted to experience Der Cosplay and Music Fest.  I just
wanted to take it all in and enjoy it because simply making it all the way to this convention was a
big deal for me.
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