FanimeCon 2008
May23-25  San Jose, CA
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FanimeCon 2008 was the second time I've attended this particular convention.  The first time I attended
this convention was in 2005.  Various reasons forced me to cancel plans for the past two years.  A
broken automobile transmission used up my funds to make the trip to this convention in 2006.  A car
accident that left me with an injured back forced me to stay home in 2007.  Finally, this year, there were
no unexpected surprises to keep me from attending.

This was also my first convention after deciding not to give up cosplay photography at the end of this
year.  With a new postive outlook towards cosplay photography, I was eager to once again photograph
cosplayers at a large convention, where there is never a shortage of outstanding cosplay.  It was a
chance to try new things and try to be a bit more creative than I have been in the past.  It was also the
first time for me to attend this convention as a member of the press, working for the entertainment
website J!-ENT to cover MusicFest.  I was very excited to spend four days photographing concerts and
cosplayers, which are my two favorite things to photograph.