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FanimeCon 2009
May 22-25  San Jose, CA
FanimeCon is held over Memorial Day weekend in San Jose, CA.  This was the third time that I've
travelled to this convention.  It's the largest convention that I report on.  Some years, I come here as
press.  Some years, I don't.  It just depends on what I'm covering.  This year, I paid for my membership.  
This meant that I could concentrate more on cosplay photography.  I didn't have to worry about covering
Musicfest or interviewing a musical act.  I don't mind that because it means I can relax more and be as
lazy as I want to be.  It's always nice to get away from Southern California and escape to this convention.
 I get tired of seeing the same faces from the smaller Los Angeles area conventions that I attend.  
Fanime attracts people from all over the US and even some from overseas, so it's a great place to meet
and work with some new people.  Travelling to conventions can be expensive, but I've always felt that
Fanime was always worth it.