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FanimeCon 2010
May 28-31  San Jose, CA
Without a doubt, Fanime is my favorite anime convention to attend.  It's big enough so that it can get very good guests and
there is plenty to do.  It's also small enough so that it isn't overwhelming and doesn't have the feel of an industry trade show.  It's
also one of the best convention locations of any con that I go to.  The hotels are close to the convention.  There are plenty of
affordable food options.  There are also many nice locations for cosplay photos.  This was my third consecutive year at this
convention and fourth visit overall.  This was also my second visit as a member of the press and had the exciting job of covering
MusicFest, as I did back in 2008.  This made this year's visit to Fanime a very hectic one.  Trying to balance press coverage,
cosplay photos, and social activities proved to be a fairly good challenge.  I've never been asked to do so much on so many
types of coverage.  It's great to do some important things, but you still want to go to a convention and have some fun and do
some things that are not so serious.  I learned a lot about how to schedule things for this convention in case I'm asked to do the
same thing in the future.