My Trip to Japan
June 3-17  2006
If you regularly visit my website or read my LiveJournal, you must have some interest in anime or
Japanese entertainment or culture.  So, I thought that this would be an amusing addition to my
website.  I went to Japan in 2006 for training for my day job and it was my first visit to Japan.  It
was a different experience that most of you will have because every weekday morning, I went to
work in a Japanese factory.  Still, I managed to do a little sightseeing and experience the culture
of Japan.  It was a little intimidating flying to the other side of the world by myself and trying to
communicate and just trying to do everyday tasks.  These are my adventures and my memories.
 Hopefully they will entertain you.

No proper names will be used to protect the innocent.  I also won't talk too much about what I did
regarding my job because it's a lot of technical stuff that you wouldn't be interested in anyways.  
I wish I could've brought my good camera, but I didn't have room for it.