Laguna Beach Photoshoot
August 9  Laguna Beach, CA
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Late summer has always been a busy time for me with a lot of festivals and conventions happening
during the months of August and September.  However, I'm never too busy to help out a few friends with
some fun fashion photos.  Today, we were in the Laguna Beach area.  Even though the skies were
overcast and not the greatest conditions for a shoot at the beach, we still had a fun time trying this.  It
didn't take long before most of the crew was starving to death and couldn't continue.  I was still able to
shoot for about one hour and get a few shots of today's participants.  It's a nice break from the cosplay
and live event photos that I normally do.  I really learn a lot from these type of activities and that makes it
a fun and valuable experience.

Nergene Arquelada