Mikomicon 2006
October 13-15  Northridge, CA
New for this year in the Los Angeles area was Mikomicon , which was held on the campus of the
California State University at Northridge.  October would be a busy month for conventions in Los
Angeles County, with Animagic occurring two weeks before Mikomicon and Pacific Media Expo to be held
two weeks later.

This year, I decided to attend the inaugural Mikomicon and pass up Animagic, which I had attended in
2004 and 2005.  I wasn't too fond of Animagic's location in Lancaster and my work output suffered as a
result.  The location of Mikomicon appealed to me.  It's a college campus with wide-open courtyards and
a lot of garden areas.  This convention also had an impressive amount of programming for its first year.  
In fact, it had a lot more than larger, well-established conventions.  There were many screening rooms
showing both anime and science fiction as well as a good variety of panels and a strong musical
program.  I was also curious too see how this new convention would fare in a month filled with
conventions and without a hotel on-site.  I've never attended a convention on a college campus.
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