Mikomicon 2008
Sept. 19-21  Northridge, CA
After missing Mikomicon 2007 because of a schedule conflict, I was able to return to this convention this
year.  I attended the inaugural convention in 2006.  I saw a lot of potential in this event back then.  The
music program had a decent list of local performers.  The facilities were very modern and spacious.  It
definitely had one of the nicest karoke rooms of any convention.  It also had a small exhibit hall, artist
alley, gaming, masquerade contest, panels, AMV contest--everything larger conventions have except
on a much smaller scale.  

Now, in 2008, this convention still has a lot of things going for it.  It's not ridiculously large.  I don't like
huge crowds so much and smaller conventions tend to be easier to keep organized.  The lineup for the
music program once again had some decent local bands.  It had one of a kind activities such as sumo
wrestling and rock wall climbing.  A lot of the normal anime convention attractions were still there.

Perhaps the best thing about this convention is it's location particularly if you like to photograph
cosplayers.  It's the most picturesque location of any anime convention in the Los Angeles area.  Being
on the campus of Cal State Northridge, there are a tremendous amount of beautiful outdoor locations to
choose from.  These days, when the larger conventions in the area are choosing indoor or heavily
urban locations, it's refreshing to have a convention in a location where you have a lot of space and
can get a bit more creative.  It's a wonderful location for those of us who aren't content with simply doing
hall cosplay type photos.

If a convention has a halfway decent music program, it's usually enough to draw me in.  Combine it with
a spectacular location, and it's too good to pass up.
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