Nisei Week Anime Festa
August 7-8  Los Angeles, CA
As part of the annual Nisei Week festival in Little Tokyo, a small event known as the Anime Festa
was held.  Although is wasn't as highly attended as last year's Anime-Gaming Mixer, this event
certainly offered a lot more in terms of variety.  Screenings of the movie "Tracing the Gray Summer"
were shown throughout the weekend.  Saturday featured a manga drawing workshop.  Sunday
featured a stage show, stamp rally, and a cosplay gathering.  The cosplayers were also included in
the Nisei Week Grand Parade.  I finished the stamp rally fairly early in the day and earned a very loud
keychain alarm for my efforts.  I arrived back in Weller Court for lunch just before the stage show
was about to begin.  The show included various singers including Little Tokyo regular, Ken Koshio.  
Mascots Kikkoro and Morizo made an appearance as well as a cosplay group performing to music.
Other cosplayers started to filter in closer to parade time.  I decided to use this as a learning
experience by having a lot of them stand in the worst possible location, just to see if I could salvage
the photos through editing.  I discovered that not all shade is created equal.  There were more
cosplayers, but I put my stuff away to get ready for the parade.
I didn't take any photos of the actual parade, because I actually participated in the parade by helping
to carry the mikoshi, the portable shrine at the end of the parade.  I had a pretty bad shoulder bruise
at the end of the day.  Despite the lack of publicity, the Anime Festa was a fairly successful event.  
There were actually quite a few attendees for every event.  Hopefully, the Anime Festa will be an
annual event and will continue to grow.