Nisei Week is one of the great cultural events in Los Angeles.  Recently, this website has mainly
focused on anime conventions and cosplay.  Quite honestly, at anime conventions, there isn't a
whole lot else for me to do.  Many conventions have become so large that I just don't have the
energy anymore to wait in a long line and get a horrible seat in a crowded event.  The Nisei Week
Anime Festival was an opportunity to get back to basics and do an "old skool" documentary type
of report and include other events and not concentrate solely on cosplay.  It would have been an
injustice to this event to not include some of the culture and pageantry of Nisei Week.  These are
the types of events that I love, where I am not hindered by horrible seating and restrictive photo

This event took a big step in the right direction this year.  Fan participation was very good and
some of the local conventions were there to help with the events as well as generate interest in the
conventions.  More vendors were there to sell anime and music products.  Entertainment on
Saturday was almost continuous and Sunday's cosplay exhibition was a welcome addition.  After
last year's rather small show, it was great to see this event grow and it has the potential to be one
of the great local cosplay events if the fans continue to support it.  Those of us who remember the
rise and fall of the Anime Jungle events hope that we can have at least this annual event to look
forward to.  Whether there is an Anime Festival or not, next year I will be back to support this great
cultural event.

We live in a wonderful city.  Take advantage of it.

Nergene Arquelada
"Super No. 1"