This year's Nisei Week was a very memorable one for me.  There was the intense heat of the first
weekend and getting to see the magnificent nabuta float travel down the streets of Little Tokyo was an
awesome sight.  I'll also remember one of the largest cosplay contests that Nisei Week has had in many
years and the many spirited cosplayers.  I'll remember the many hours that I spent working at the anime
festival on the second weekend and exploring the hidden areas of Little Tokyo Square while cleaning up
after that event.  I'll remember doing traditional Japanese dances in the street and finding out that I'm
not too bad at it.  An event like Nisei Week is more fun when you participate and not simply observe.  
While I like to take photographs, I also like to get invovled.  So, who knows what my experience for next
year will be like?  I'll know in one year's time.

Meanwhile, Nisei Week was just the first of many ethnic and cultural festival that I plan to visit before the
end of summer.  I hope that I have the energy to enjoy them all.

Nergene Arquelada